Elevate your venue with Arc, a semi-circle masterpiece offering dual-sided seating elegance. Crafted for the modern hospitality space, its unique back-to-back design maximizes interactions and optimizes space. Whether placed centrally in a hotel lobby or anchoring an event space, Arc seamlessly blends style, function, and versatility. Double the seating, double the sophistication.

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Presenting the modular sofa, where innovative design meets unparalleled functionality. A symphony of semi-circle elegance, this sofa invites guests to revel in the comfort from both its sides. Conceptualized for the dynamic needs of the hospitality industry, it transforms venues with its dual-seating design and modular versatility.

The ingenious back-to-back seating offers a unique spatial solution, making the perfect for central lounge areas, event spaces, or breakout zones. Its design promotes interaction, conversation, and an enriched social experience.

The modular components can be tailored to create varied configurations. From smaller semi-circular setups to expansive dual-sided lounges, the adaptability is endless.