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Luna Operational Desks

Introducing Luna, our innovative operational desk series designed to elevate your workspace. With its sleek and contemporary design, Luna offers a perfect balance of style and functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this series provides a seamless and efficient workspace solution. Enhance your productivity and organization with Luna, the ultimate choice for modern professionals.

Showing all 23 results

Showing all 23 results

  • A spacious executive desk designed for professionals who need room to spread out
    An imposing desk that commands respect and inspires productivity
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    This operational desk is the ideal addition to any workspace. The sleek square shape, tinted glass top, and thick leg support provide a sturdy and modern work surface. The movable drawer unit offers flexible storage options, while the minimalist design and durable materials make it perfect for any office setting.

  • A large L-shaped desk with plenty of storage and work space
    An extra-wide desk that can accommodate multiple monitors and accessories
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    Introducing our operational desk, designed to meet the demands of a busy office environment. With two working spaces and a long drawer unit for storage, this desk is versatile and functional. The wooden top finish adds a touch of warmth to your workspace, while the desk top stays securely in place on the drawer unit, providing a reliable workstation. Ideal for collaborative projects or multi-tasking, this desk is the perfect addition to any productive office.

  • A desk that lets you work comfortably and efficiently for hours.
    A minimalist desk that combines form and function for a clean and professional look.
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    Our red-top operational desk is both stylish and practical. The square shape and thick leg support provide stability, while the drawers unit on one side allows for easy access to your office supplies. The red top finish is scratch-resistant and adds a pop of color to your workspace. Upgrade your office with our functional and beautiful desk.

  • Corner office desk
    L shaped office desk with wooden top
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    Luna Lignum

    The L-shaped office desk has a wooden finish top on legs, providing ample workspace and a timeless appearance. Its sturdy legs provide stability, making it ideal for multitasking. Overall, a versatile and practical addition to any office.

  • Working station for 6 employees
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    Luna Hexa

    The 6-person working station is a collaborative workspace that allows for easy co-working between team members. With a long central desk and attached L-shaped desks, this station provides ample workspace and fosters a sense of teamwork and productivity.

  • Work station for 4 emplyees
    big worstation desk for 4 persons
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    Luna Quadra

    The 4-person working station is a space-efficient and practical workspace, featuring a wide desk for four employees. With an arrangement that promotes collaboration and personal space, along with convenient storage drawers, this station is ideal for small teams.

  • Modern workstation desk for 2 employees
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    Luna Collabro

    The 2-person working station is a space-saving and practical solution, featuring a long, wide desk for two employees. The desk is designed for side-by-side seating, promoting easy communication and collaboration. A convenient drawer unit in the center of the desk provides ample storage space, keeping the workspace organized and efficient. The desk’s minimalist design and durable materials make it an ideal choice for any modern office.

  • Long straight workstation desk for 6 people
    Operational workstation desk for 6 people
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    Luna Flexspace

    A long desk for 6 employees with drawers between each person, allowing 3 people to sit facing another 3 people.

  • Modern meeting room table with wooden top for 10 people
    The meeting room features a contemporary table with a wooden top that can accommodate up to 10 people
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    Luna Woodform

    This sleek meeting room table can accommodate up to 10 people with its spacious wooden top. Its contemporary design will give your workspace a modern feel, while the sturdy construction ensures it will last for many meetings to come.

  • Modern corner desk on slim legs
    L shaped table desk with shelvs on the desk corner
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    Luna Corso

    L-shaped office desk with slim legs and overhead cabinet shelves.

  • modern sleek desk
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    Luna Viva

    Modern desk with long drawer unit.

  • Small office desk
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    Luna Kuro

    The small office desk is a compact and functional workspace

  • Office desk with built-in drawer unit
    Modern executive office desk
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    Luna Arvo

    Modern office desk with drawer unit.

  • Modern stylish office desk
    Double office desk for 2 employee
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    Luna Elego

    Double office desk with slim top and legs for 2 employees.

  • Modern L shape office desk
    Corner l-shaped office desk with a slim drawer
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    Luna Apex

    This l-shaped corner office desk features a spacious desktop for increased workspace, with a drawer unit located at the side corner for added storage. Perfect for maximizing space in a modern office setting.

  • Modern corner office desk
    L shaped office desk acompanies a drawer unit
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    Luna Axiom

    This l-shaped corner office desk features a spacious desktop for increased workspace, with a drawer unit located at the side corner for added storage. Perfect for maximizing space in a modern office setting.

  • Modern desk setup designed for two individuals.
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    Luna Dual Geom

    Enhance collaboration while maintaining privacy with our desk workstation designed for two people. This sleek setup features two desks facing each other, separated by a stylish divider. With integrated drawer units, it provides convenient storage for a clutter-free workspace. Experience seamless communication and productivity in a modern and efficient design. Elevate your work environment with our desk workstation for two.

  • Efficient desk configuration for a quartet of professionals.
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    Luna Quartet White

    Introducing our sleek desk configuration for a team of four professionals. With two desks facing each other and a separator for privacy, plus two additional side desks, this setup promotes seamless collaboration. Integrated drawer units keep your workspace organized. Elevate productivity with this modern and efficient design.

  • Multi-user office desk setup for enhanced teamwork.
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    Luna Quartet Geom

    Introducing our dynamic desk ensemble designed to accommodate a four-person team. Embrace the synchrony of two opposing desks, skillfully separated to honor privacy, alongside the companionship of two supplementary side desks. Experience the convenience of integrated drawer units to harmonize your workspace. Elevate efficiency and foster synergy with this stylish and practical workstation.

  • Dual desk configuration for efficient collaboration.
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    Luna Dual Org

    Experience the perfect balance of collaboration and privacy with our desk workstation for two people. Designed with a stylish gray separator, it creates a sense of personal space while fostering a collaborative environment. The wooden finish desk tops exude warmth, complemented by sleek white legs for a modern touch. Elevate your workspace and productivity with this functional and visually appealing desk workstation.

  • Interactive workstation for a team of two professionals.
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    Introducing our innovative desk workstation designed for two people, where collaboration seamlessly blends with privacy. The dual desks face each other, creating an ideal environment for teamwork. A stylish gray separator ensures personal space.

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    Luna Six

    Innovative desk configuration for 6 professionals. Three facing desks in a row with convenient drawer units. Crisp white color scheme with a stylish gray separator. Enhance collaboration and productivity in style.

  • Interactive office desk setup promoting enhanced teamwork.
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    Luna Org Quartet

    Versatile desk configuration designed for four professionals, fostering collaboration and privacy. Face-to-face desks with a separator and additional side desks. Convenient drawer units for storage. Captivating wooden organic-style desk tops. Elevate productivity in a harmonious workspace.

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