Luna Quadra

The 4-person working station is a space-efficient and practical workspace, featuring a wide desk for four employees. With an arrangement that promotes collaboration and personal space, along with convenient storage drawers, this station is ideal for small teams.

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The 4-person working station is a functional and space-efficient workspace designed for small teams. This station features a long and wide desk that accommodates four employees, with two seated side by side and the other two seated facing them. The station also includes drawer units situated between each pair of employees, providing convenient storage space for office supplies and documents.

The desk is spacious and sturdy, with a smooth and durable work surface that can accommodate multiple people and their equipment. The seating arrangement of the station allows for easy communication and collaboration between team members, while also providing a degree of privacy and personal space.

The drawer units between each pair of employees offer convenient storage space for office supplies, files, and personal belongings, keeping the workspace organized and clutter-free. The units are also easily accessible, allowing employees to quickly and efficiently retrieve and store items as needed.

Overall, this 4-person working station is a practical and functional workspace that is perfect for small teams. Its efficient use of space, comfortable seating arrangement, and convenient storage options make it an excellent choice for companies looking to enhance collaboration and productivity in the workplace.