Luna Quartet Geom

Introducing our dynamic desk ensemble designed to accommodate a four-person team. Embrace the synchrony of two opposing desks, skillfully separated to honor privacy, alongside the companionship of two supplementary side desks. Experience the convenience of integrated drawer units to harmonize your workspace. Elevate efficiency and foster synergy with this stylish and practical workstation.

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Upgrade your workspace with our sleek and comfortable conference meeting room chair, featuring a low back design, upholstered seat and back, and fixed leather arms.


Introducing our versatile desk workstation designed for a team of four. This innovative setup features two desks facing each other, separated by a sleek divider to ensure privacy during focused work. Additionally, two more desks are positioned on the side, offering additional space for collaboration or individual tasks.

Each desk is equipped with integrated drawer units, providing ample storage to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. The contemporary design, with clean lines and a combination of stylish finishes, adds a touch of elegance to any office setting.

Experience enhanced productivity and seamless teamwork with this functional and flexible desk workstation. Whether you prefer working side by side or require a bit of personal space, our workstation accommodates your unique work style. Elevate your office environment with this efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution.