Luna Woodform

This sleek meeting room table can accommodate up to 10 people with its spacious wooden top. Its contemporary design will give your workspace a modern feel, while the sturdy construction ensures it will last for many meetings to come.

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Upgrade your workspace with our sleek and comfortable conference meeting room chair, featuring a low back design, upholstered seat and back, and fixed leather arms.


This modern meeting room table is designed to cater to the needs of large teams and groups of professionals. The spacious wooden top provides ample space for up to 10 people to sit and conduct their meetings in comfort and style. The sleek and sophisticated design of the table is perfect for modern office spaces that value a contemporary aesthetic. The wooden top adds a touch of warmth to the overall design, making the table a perfect fit for a range of different interior design schemes. The sturdy construction of the table ensures that it will stand up to the rigours of regular use and will provide a reliable and functional addition to your meeting room for years to come. Whether you are planning a presentation, a brainstorming session, or a team meeting, this modern meeting room table is the ideal choice to bring your team together in a comfortable and productive environment.