Luna Org Quartet

Versatile desk configuration designed for four professionals, fostering collaboration and privacy. Face-to-face desks with a separator and additional side desks. Convenient drawer units for storage. Captivating wooden organic-style desk tops. Elevate productivity in a harmonious workspace.

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Upgrade your workspace with our sleek and comfortable conference meeting room chair, featuring a low back design, upholstered seat and back, and fixed leather arms.


Presenting our flexible desk arrangement specially crafted for a quartet of skilled professionals. Two desks stand in mutual confrontation, bolstered by a partition that preserves individual privacy, alongside an additional duo of side desks, ensuring ample room for seamless collaboration.

This configuration includes integrated compartments, offering abundant space to store your work essentials. The desk surfaces showcase a captivating aesthetic, imbued with the charm of organic-style wood, infusing your office milieu with a touch of natural sophistication.

Embark on an immersive journey that harmonizes team synergy and personal space through our pragmatic and chic desk arrangement. Enhance your efficiency and cultivate an environment where collaborative efforts flourish and success thrives.