Experience unmatched comfort and support with our office chair on wheels. Its adjustable headrest, backrest tilt, and seat adjustment allow you to find the perfect position. Enjoy excellent lumbar support and smooth gliding with the anti-shock system. Upgrade your workspace with this versatile and ergonomic chair.

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Introducing our versatile and ergonomic office chair on wheels made in Italy, designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support during long work hours. The chair comes with a luxurious headrest that can be easily adjusted to suit your preferred height, ensuring optimal neck and head support.

Customize your seating experience with the adjustable backrest tilt, allowing you to recline up to 25° for moments of relaxation or enhanced focus. The seat itself offers flexibility with a range of -3° to 10° adjustment, enabling you to find the perfect angle for your comfort.

Experience superior lumbar support with our specially designed lumbar support system, providing ample relief to your lower back and promoting healthy posture. Additionally, the chair is equipped with an anti-shock system, ensuring a smooth and silent gliding motion when moving around the office.

Upgrade your workspace with this feature-rich office chair that promises a personalized seating experience, combining functionality and style for a productive and enjoyable workday.