Crafted in Italy, this armchair integrates a moulded foam steel shell on a wooden base, upholstered in marine eco-leather or Taibo fabric, with customizable legs and color options.

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Lounge chair specification:

1 – Moulded Foam Injected Over Steel Shell Structure
2 – Upon Wooden Seat Base
3 – Upholstered in Marine Leather or Taibo fabric of our collection
4 – Legs of your choice
5 – Available colour of your choice 
6 – Made in Italy

Our geometry-designed rotatable office chair without wheels is the perfect addition to any workspace. With a metal leg and comfortable armrests, this chair provides the flexibility and support you need to work efficiently. The chair’s fabric upholstery is soft to the touch and provides a cozy seating experience that you’ll appreciate during long work hours.

The unique geometry design of this chair adds a touch of modern elegance to any office or home workspace. The chair’s sleek lines and elegant curves offer a contemporary look that complements a wide range of decor styles. Whether you’re looking to update your home office or furnish your corporate workspace, this chair is sure to impress.

Designed with your convenience in mind, this chair offers complete rotation for easy movement. Whether you need to swivel left or right, this chair has got you covered. Its smooth, effortless rotation allows you to quickly and easily adjust your position without interrupting your workflow. With this chair, you can work with confidence and ease, knowing that you have the flexibility and comfort you need to succeed.

Upgrade your workspace with our stylish and functional rotatable office chair. With its comfortable upholstery, elegant design, and flexible features, this chair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to work in style and comfort. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

Additional information

Chair Legs Options

4 Separated wooden legs #2, 5-star base chorome #1, Black metal sled legs #1, Black splayed legs #1, Chrome metal sled legs #2, Metail Black spider legs #3, Metail black star base #1, Metail Chrome spider legs #2, Metail chrome star base #2, Metal pedestal base #1, Metal pedestal base #2, Metal pedestal base #3, Metal pedestal base black #4, Metal spider legs #1, Metal splayed legs #1, Metal splayed legs black #2, Wooden splayed legs #1, Wooden splayed legs #2, Wooden splayed legs #3, Wooden star base #1

Upholstery Colors

Marine – 4976, Marine – Avory 2171, Marine – Beige 5357, Marine – Beige 5855, Marine – Black – 4018, Marine – Black 4433, Marine – Blue 4021, Marine – Brown 4020, Marine – Coffee 6106, Marine – Cream 6109, Marine – Dark Beige 5084, Marine – Dark Blue 5081, Marine – Dark Brown 4429, Marine – Dark Coffee 6339, Marine – Dark Green 5085, Marine – Dark Yellow 6110, Marine – Golden 4430, Marine – Gray Blue 4977, Marine – Green 4022, Marine – Grey 4432, Marine – Light Brown 4428, Marine – Light Green 4659, Marine – Light Grey 5999, Marine – Light Red 6105, Marine – Maroon 5068, Marine – Medium Green 6107, Marine – Orange 5673, Marine – Red 4017, Marine – Royal Blue 4978, Marine – Sky Blue 6108, Marine – Violet 4431, Marine – White 2168, Marine – Yellow 1541, Taibo-10084, Taibo-10085, Taibo-10086, Taibo-10087, Taibo-10088, Taibo-10089, Taibo-10090, Taibo-10091, Taibo-10092, Taibo-10093, Taibo-10094, Taibo-10095, Taibo-10096