Zoe evolve

An office chair with aluminium adjustable arms, base, and mesh back with headrest provide ergonomic comfort while the multi-lock mechanism and swivel feature ensure versatility in any workspace.

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Egronomic office chair


Introducing our high-quality office chair designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support during long working hours. This chair is carefully crafted with a combination of premium materials and advanced features that guarantee a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience. Here are the key features of this office chair:

  1. Origin: Made in Italy
  2. Adjustable Arms: The arms can be adjusted to your preferred height and width, providing customized comfort.
  3. Aluminium Base: The base is made of durable aluminium material, ensuring stability and longevity.
  4. Multilock Mechanism: The chair offers multiple locking positions, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your comfort.
  5. Swivel: The chair can rotate 360 degrees, providing easy access to various areas of your workspace without straining.
  6. Height Adjustment: The chair’s height can be adjusted to fit your desk or workstation, ensuring proper posture and reducing strain.
  7. Mesh Back: The chair features a breathable mesh back, promoting airflow and reducing heat buildup.
  8. Headrest: The chair comes with a headrest, providing extra support and comfort for your neck and head.

In summary, this office chair is a great investment for anyone who values comfort, support, and style. Whether you’re working from home or in a corporate office, this chair is designed to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Additional information

Chair Headrest

With Headrest, Without Headrest

Chair Legs Options

5-star base black #2, 5-star base chorome #1

Mesh for Chair Back

Black – 1331-6419, Blue – 1353, Grey – 4644

Office Chair Seat Fabrics

Amethyst – F-186, Antigna – F-254, Apollo – F-131, Azure – F-169, Azure New – F-169, Barbados – F-205, Black – F-137, Bramble – F-116, Brown – F-146, Cinnamon – F-157, Clouds – F-188, Corn-Flower – F-164, Cream – F-111, Dago-Orange – F-181, Dolphin – F-161, Electric – F-162, Forest – F-117, Granada – F-126, Grey – F-216, Lemon – F-151, Lunar – F-103, Magneta – F-156, Medblue – F-191, Midgrey – F-192, Mink – F-122, New-Orange – F-256, Oasis – F-253, Peach – F-189, Pebble – F-202, Peppermint – F-107, Planet – F-150, Purple – F-210, Ruby – F-152, Salmon – F-145, Sand – F-215, Sangria – F-148, Sea-Blue – F-200, Shimmer – F-190, Sky – F-199, Spearmint – F-102, Supphire – F-129, Waterfall – F-108