This blue office chair has a breathable mesh back, adjustable height, and a sturdy base with casters. It is an ideal option for tasks that require frequent movement. Comfortable and practical, it is a great addition to any office.

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An office chair with a blue seat and mesh back offers both comfort and support for extended periods of sitting. The mesh back promotes airflow to keep you cool while working, and the adjustable height allows you to customize the chair to your preferred seating position. It is an excellent option for tasks that require frequent turning and leaning. The chair features a sturdy base with casters for easy movement and may also include adjustable armrests to further customize your seating experience. Overall, this office chair is a practical and comfortable addition to any workspace.

The office chair is made in Italy.



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Chair Headrest

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Mesh for Chair Back

Black – 1331-6419, Blue – 1353, Grey – 4644

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