Nest meeting

Introducing Nest meeting with wheels for meetings – combining comfort and style in a sleek design. With a low back and curved arms, it offers exceptional lumbar support and contemporary aesthetics for any home or office.

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Introducing our Nest meeting chair, now equipped with wheels for meetings, blending comfort and style in one sleek design. With a low back and curved arms, this chair offers exceptional support and contemporary aesthetics, perfect for any home or office setting.

Experience superior lumbar support from the low backrest, minimizing strain while seated. The curved arms add both style and practicality, facilitating easy entry and exit. Fully rotatable, this chair allows effortless swiveling for multitasking and relaxation.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the chair’s durable fabric seat is breathable and easy to maintain. Its sturdy metal base ensures stability, while the compact size suits smaller spaces or functions as additional guest seating.

Elevate your space with our meeting chair, combining comfort and style while providing the versatility of wheels for meetings and mobility.