Parisyo meeting

Experience elevated comfort and design sophistication with our Lounge Armchair – now equipped with wheels for meetings on the go. Crafted from a durable steel shell structure molded in cold-cure polyurethane foam, this chair combines lasting elegance with ergonomic innovation.

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Introducing our Lounge Armchair, a true embodiment of both comfort and design excellence, now enhanced with the practicality of wheels for meetings and flexibility. Crafted with precision, the armchair boasts a robust steel shell structure molded in cold-cure polyurethane foam, ensuring both durability and timeless elegance.

Indulge in unmatched relaxation as you sink into the contoured seat, featuring dual levels of softness. The center offers luxurious comfort, while the slightly firmer sides guarantee flawless upholstery results. With discreet wood slats beneath the shell, this armchair not only provides a secure foundation but also a seamless canvas for your chosen fabric. Elevate your lounging experience with this extraordinary armchair that beautifully marries meticulous craftsmanship, ergonomic design, and the convenience of mobility for both leisure and professional settings.