Echo meeting

Discover comfort and functionality in our innovative rotatable office meeting chair. Designed with a low back and seamlessly integrated arms, it offers optimal support. The swiveling leg enhances mobility, while the sturdy metal base ensures stability. Upholstered in fabric for both comfort and easy maintenance, this chair is perfect for various settings. Experience a blend of modern design and practicality in this remarkable addition to your space.

AED 1,733 excl. VAT

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Introducing our versatile and ergonomic rotatable office meeting chair, meticulously crafted for your utmost comfort. This armchair showcases a low back and seamlessly integrated arms, providing optimal support and relaxation. Its swiveling leg ensures effortless mobility, while the robust 4 metal legs offer a strong foundation for stability and comfort.

Featuring fabric upholstery, this armchair not only promises comfort but also easy maintenance. The absence of wheels further enhances its stability, making it an ideal choice for various settings within your home or office.

In summary, this rotatable conference room chair, boasting a low back and integrated arms, is a remarkable addition that effortlessly combines comfort and functionality with a touch of sleek and modern design.

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Upholstery Colors

Marine – 4976, Marine – Avory 2171, Marine – Beige 5357, Marine – Beige 5855, Marine – Black – 4018, Marine – Black 4433, Marine – Blue 4021, Marine – Brown 4020, Marine – Coffee 6106, Marine – Cream 6109, Marine – Dark Beige 5084, Marine – Dark Blue 5081, Marine – Dark Brown 4429, Marine – Dark Coffee 6339, Marine – Dark Green 5085, Marine – Dark Yellow 6110, Marine – Golden 4430, Marine – Gray Blue 4977, Marine – Green 4022, Marine – Grey 4432, Marine – Light Brown 4428, Marine – Light Green 4659, Marine – Light Grey 5999, Marine – Light Red 6105, Marine – Maroon 5068, Marine – Medium Green 6107, Marine – Orange 5673, Marine – Red 4017, Marine – Royal Blue 4978, Marine – Sky Blue 6108, Marine – Violet 4431, Marine – White 2168, Marine – Yellow 1541, Taibo-10084, Taibo-10085, Taibo-10086, Taibo-10087, Taibo-10088, Taibo-10089, Taibo-10090, Taibo-10091, Taibo-10092, Taibo-10093, Taibo-10094, Taibo-10095, Taibo-10096