Lara Midlle Back with Cushion

Crafted with high-quality thickened steel pipes, this chair ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. The large cushion filled with high-density rebound sponge guarantees supreme comfort even after prolonged use.

AED 2,310 excl. VAT

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White modern office chair for a meeting room office chair in Dubai.


Introducing our premium office meeting chair made in Italy, thoughtfully designed with a focus on comfort and functionality. The extended backrest design ensures optimal support for your back, following the natural curve of your spine with its S-shaped ergonomic curve.

Crafted with high-quality thickened steel pipes, this chair boasts excellent load-bearing capacity, while the multi-layer galvanized treatment prevents rust, ensuring long-lasting durability. The large cushion design, filled with high-density rebound sponge, guarantees supreme comfort, maintaining good elasticity and high air permeability even after prolonged use.

Experience seamless adjustments with the seat lift feature, simply turn the handle to raise the chair automatically. To lower the chair, sit on it and turn the handle for a smooth descent under pressure. Additionally, the chair offers a 360° rotation capability, thanks to the safety air rod and silent PU pulley combination, allowing for worry-free and flexible movement during meetings.

Enhance your workspace with this modern and ergonomic office meeting chair, tailored to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience for productive and comfortable collaborative sessions.

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